Here in Maine, we’re lucky to have some great meteorologists. Most if not all of them are incredibly knowledgable, relatable, and overall seemingly great people. But I’m going to be honest, I don’t get all that concerned about a snowstorm until I hear from YouTube’s greatest forecaster, Frankie MacDonald.

Frankie is back and reporting on Monday’s upcoming storm. Sure you might see some great radar images, a 5-day forecast graphic, a catchy jingle (looking at you Storm Center), and animated clip art on your favorite local TV station, but Frankie truly gets to the roots.

Frankie lives up in Nova Scotia and heads outside and records himself giving a truly impassioned forecast. The great thing about Frankie is he doesn’t just focus on the weather local to him. He does weather reports all over as long as it’s at least somewhat eventful.

Not only does Frankie lay out the snow totals coming, but he notes the expected high winds, the cities throughout the state that will see snowfall, and encourages viewers to order pizza and Chinese food. Honestly, when worrying about power outages and staying warm, it’s nice to have a reminder to feed yourself and your family too.

Check out Frankie’s Forecast below and be sure to subscribe because his weather reports are always entertaining.

For a more scientific forecast, News Center Maine’s Jessica Conley is reporting a mix of rain and snow along the coast resulting in smaller snow totals sitting at 2 to 4 inches. Heading inland and throughout the majority of the state 4 to 8 inches is to be expected and the mountains, and just north of Sanford, Lewiston, and Augusta, through the Fryeburg, Rangeley, and Greenville areas 8 inches to a foot of snow is expected to drop.

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