ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons admits it's been "frustrating" for the group to be out of the area on tour while their home state copes with the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey. But he and his bandmates will be back on Texas soil for an upcoming gig that's been converted to a benefit show that Gibbons says will raise $100,000 for relief while "bringing a little joy to a hard-hit region."

Gibbons spoke with Rolling Stone about the show, which is scheduled to take place on Sept. 10 at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land. While the money the band raises can only hope to cover a fraction of the storm's massive financial toll — and the guitarist anticipates "a tough road to hoe to climb from the wreckage" — he sounded an upbeat note regarding the resiliency of his fellow Texans.

"It says a lot about that Texas spirit that you see so many volunteers jumping in to lend a helping hand," said Gibbons. "It could have been a lot worse, in terms of loss of life, but that seems to have been kept to a minimum. It's no fun. I'm trusting that Texas spirit to bring everybody through."

Aside from making the show a fundraiser for hurricane relief, Gibbons said the band intends to alter their regular set in at least one way — by reintroducing "Heaven, Hell or Houston," from their 1981 El Loco LP. "We're gonna leave out the middle part," he quipped, "because it's already been there."

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