If you automatically replied "Team Typing", take a couple of minutes to watch this and get a well informed explanation of the subject. It may seem archaic and useless, but it does have some real benefits! I happen to love cursive handwriting. I have even saved tags from Christmas presents with my name written in cursive from my parents and someday I will incorporate them into a piece of jewelry or a glass project. I recognize my mother-in-law's beautiful handwriting and save cards from her for the girls because there is something so personal and special in her tight, loopy writing. However, I don't think I would know Mark's cursive writing! He either types or prints. When I get home I'm going to ask him to write me a love letter in cursive!


Handwriting also provides lots of clues about  personality. Is someone creative, self-important, or trustworthy? Their signature may be filled with information! This video is packed with interesting writing and personality characteristics.

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Team Handwriting all the way,