Matt Kent/Getty Images

When The Black Crowes did two nights at The State Theatre in October celebrating BLM's 40th Anniversary, drummer Steve Gorman slipped me a demo cd of his side project, Trigger Hippy.

My buddy Andrew and I arrived in the parking garage before night two and decided to pop it in. The music is powerful and ton-of-soul heavy. Featuring Black Crowes guitarist, Jackie Greene and multi-platinum recording artist, Joan Osborne sharing lead vocals.

There was talk last fall of a possible Trigger Hippy date at Port City Music Hall in the New Year.

Andrew and I were instantly blown away and decided that January couldn't come fast enough.

On December 2nd I got a text from Steve saying Trigger Hippy was confirmed for January 9th. Woo Hoo! Dude, that's this Thursday night! Come out out and rock with BLM at Port City Music Hall!

Check out the lyric video below for Trigger Hippy "Turpentine"