So this is kinda cool. Some guy named "Ed" just droppped this off at The Blimp. Maybe you guys can help date it for us. From what we remember...and it IS all a bit hazy...there was a WBLM Coloring Contest, which "Ed", it seems, entered. Look at the bottom right corner..the line drawing is from the one and only Tim Sample. Tim is not only the a great humorist, he is also an amazing musician, writer and artist. We love this-it's in mint condition..and Ed did a good job of staying in the lines!

What we can't quite figure out is the YEAR. I say 1974, Guru thinks 1975. Some of your Blimp legends are in the cartoon...Jose, The Cosmic Muffin, RJ and Steve Thibodeau .Let us know if any of this is coming back to you. What a long, strange trip it's been indeed!

Thanks Ed...and all you lifelong Blimpsters everywhere!

For an added is the WBLM Original Sign-On...published now for the first time anywhere: