August 15th, 1989. A historic day in Blimp history. Our iconic Program Director Jose Diaz made the hire of his career by offering Celeste Nadeau a job on the Blimp. She'll tell you the only reason she was hired was because she had her bartender's license. But we know it was because of her immense talent, her warmth (that you can feel from Bangor to Boston), her fearlessness to put herself out there, her beauty inside and out, her street smarts, that amazing voice,  and her love of music and Maine.

She has hosted every possible shift there is to host on WBLM and has done it all with a smile. You all feel her passion every day. She loves what she does and it shows...all 100,000 watts of it.


After 25 years she has become one of the most successful people in all of Maine media. Successful both in a professional sense and a personal one...as she is a proud mama of 2 wonderful little girls along with her fantastic husband Mark. Today we raise a glass to the Queen of Rock and Roll in New England...congrats Celeste! We love ya!

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