The Baranyi Clan had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Yosaku, the other  night with my dad, Ben and step-mom, Paula. I called shotgun to ride with my dad in his Vette. I am used to climbing up into our S.U.V. with the help of running boards and a strong grip with my left hand. I had forgotten what it was like to fold myself up into a sports car that was a mere 5 inches or so above the ground. While trying to enter this way-cool vehicle I managed to bruise my my left shoulder and my right butt cheek.

It was so embarrassing! Apparently, the very specific muscles used to lower one into a sexy car have completely atrophied. I USED TO BE A GIRL WHO COULD GRACEFULLY GET INTO A  TRANS AM, (it was blue...Mike from Boston) OR PORSCHE!, (it was silver...cute lifeguard from Old Orchard Beach), OR MY DAD'S CORVETTE!  And yes, I meant to yell!

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My upper body is strong from hauling groceries and kids though,