If you've got a drawer full of flip phones or any other kind of electronics that you plan to get rid of, protect your identity and hard to replace information by taking these steps:

1.Back up any data that is hard to replace like contacts, pictures and videos.

2. Wipe it down. I don't mean with Windex, I mean remove your data! Don't assume that the next person it lands with will do it. Deleting your Documents folder and reformatting your hard drive is not enough!

3. If you can't wipe it clean, destroy it. Literally.Take a hammer to any part that may contain personal information, run it over with your car-go crazy. Fun too!

4. Recycle responsibly. Not all recyclers are equal and you don't want your e-waste going into a landfill or dumped in a third world country. Make sure the program you use is part of either the e-stewards or R2 (Responsible Recycling) certification programs, which ensure that all materials are handled in an environmentally responsible way.