This is Tyler, he works for North East Drain and Sewer out of Gorham. He told me that his official title is, "Human Fecal Matter Relocation Expert." He said it with a straight face which made it even funnier to me. Even though we don't take these fancy-schmancy titles too seriously, they do add a bit of status to an otherwise ordinary job. Here are some more enhanced job titles:

  • Gastronomical Hygiene Technician (Dish washer)
  • Field Nourishment Consultant (Waiter)
  • Coin Facilitation Engineer (Toll Booth Collector)
  • Mortar Logistics Engineer (Construction Worker)
  • Media Distribution Officer (Paper Boy)
  • Education Center Nourishment Consultant (Lunch Lady)
  • Customer Experience Enhancement Facilitator (Retail Salesperson)

That's what I've got, do you have something to add? What's your title? Let us know on our Facebook Fan Page #fancyjobtitle or tweet us.

Audio Delivery Expert/Media Apparatus Technician,