It's an AC/DC weekend on WBLM. As we delve through the humongous Blimp archives, we're finding some really fun AC/DC covers along the way. Some we are definitely playing. Some, as you'll see and hear below will NEVER get on air!

We'll start here in New England, with an AC/DC cover we usually haul out for St Patrick's Day. Dropkick Murphys have the bagpipes and the electric guitars, and they're not afraid to use them


We almost forgot about this one. Carlos Santana does a rally interesting cover here with Nas. It has a nice beat and you can dance to it...



Now, it's getting interesting. We found these 2CELLOS guys a few years back. Baroque and Roll!

And one that's just weird. What if Elvis was around to cover Whole Lotta Rosie?



Finally, our newest entry to the Blimp archives. We found Tom Boyden just a few weeks ago singing karaoke at Sea Dog Brewing. Unbelievable!