Check this guy out...he's Secret Santa Portland and for the past 4 years he's been handing out $100 bills to needy Mainers at shelters, bus stops, really all over the place! So far this amazing man has given away over $80,000. He's going to do another 20k starting this week. if you have suggestions for him you can email him:

Now, I swear to you that I have no idea who Secret Santa Portland really is. I love that he changes his accent a little bit each year when he comes on the air with us. I do know he'a a Mainer and that he loves to do this with his money. I actually hope I never find out who he really is.  Keep listening to the morning show-we'll read some of the emails Santa is getting.

The thing that really moves me with this thing? It's when really, REALLY needy people get their $100 bill from Secret Santa. What's the first thing many of them do? Give some or all of it away to a person who needs it even MORE. Blimp what this Season is all about.