Time to reflect on the passing of John Lennon, murdered after a night of recording as he was about to be safe and sound at home. I was thirteen when that sick bastard took him from me. Yeah, this was personal. John Lennon had just reemerged as working musician, after staying home with his young son Sean for the past five years. The anticipation of his return to the limelight was the only thing that mattered to this new teenager.

I was born the year of Sgt. Pepper. As soon as I could walk over to the Fisher Price record player, set down the tone arm with my tiny fingers and hear those opening orchestra noises, I was transfixed. The music of The Beatles and John Lennon remained a constant friend.

The news of his death reached most through the voice of Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football. I was upstairs in my room listening to BLM. I believe Charley Rose was on the air that night. Tears are welling as I write this and those exact uncontrollable feelings of sadness and anger return.

John Lennon was about to delight me again and that sick bastard took him from me. Thirty four years later, it still hurts. Never forget the terrible way John left us, yet listen to lots of Lennon today and turn anger into forgiveness. "Our life together is so precious together." Love and light to Yoko, Sean and all who adore John.


Here's a beautiful fan-made video that shares how I'm feeling today.