Remember a few weeks back when we reported that the bassist from the band, Spirit was taking legal action against Led Zeppelin for copying their music in 'Stairway to Heaven'? Well that is just the surface of the pool of songs that have 'inspired' some of your favorite Page/Plant 'compositions'.

The geniuses at Willard's Wormholes have created virtual 'Zeppelin Took My Blues Away' trading cards depicting the original composer on the front with a brief history of the song and any legal action on the back. Just below each card, you can click and listen to the Led Zeppelin recording and the original recording to compare and contrast. Okay I'll admit, listening to these and realizing how many Zep tunes are rip-offs doesn't make me worship them any less. But I sure do feel bad for the composers and their families who got less than they deserved or nothing for their work. Click here to play.

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