HillBilly Weatherman

Hillbilly Weatherman Writes Wicked Great Frog Poetry
Even though most of the sentences we've heard in his one-of-a-kind reports over the years are punctuated with F-in' colorful adjectives, you know he is actually able to keep it clean here and there. Not just clean, but truly poetic!
High Heat Blast for Maine Today
With mid to upper 90s for parts of Maine and bustin' through the 100 mark in New Hampshire this afternoon, we're in for a wicked scorchah to start the week!
Wicked Funny: The Hillbilly’s ‘Seveah Weathah’ Alert
Since we're finally all done bitchin' about the snow, it's time to start complaining about it being too friggin' hot and of course the threat of thundah boomahs tearin' through. So we thought you might wanna be prepared with the Hillbilly's Severe Weather Alert.
An Adorable Reason for No Report
So naturally, we're all looking to feel better about the weather today with some laughs from the Hillbilly. But, no report for you. Here's the adorable reason why.

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