It’s Markathon Time in Portland!
Every year something beautiful happens down the hall from the WBLM studio. DJ Mark Curdo from our sister station WCYY, is staying on air for 102 hours once again this week to help children and families in need.
Dominic and the Lucid’s New Video is Awesome
You know him as one of our great DJ's on the radio, but our Dominic Lavoie is also the singer for one of the best local bands around-Dominic and the Lucid. It's so great having a local musician on our airwaves-it's what we're all about. Local...
WBLM Morning Show On WHOM! [VIDEO]
One thing that I can say about working at BLM, is that there is never a dull moment! Many of you know that WBLM is part of Townsquare Media Portland. Our sister stations are WCYY, WPKQ, WJBQ and WHOM.
Here is the entire family!
Like any family, when there's a man down, we pitch in to help...
Blimp Coffee Cup Collection! Show Us Your Shwag
I found my WBLM coffee cup collection! These cups go back to when we were 107.5, then hops over to 102.9, then we have wblm.com and our 25th anniversary! I washed them and re-packed them to save for when the kids are a little bit older and more careful...
Bingas Stadium Hot Wings Eating Contest [VIDEO]
Welcome to the kitchen here at Townsquare Media. Today our friends at Bingas Stadium dropped by to get us ready for their Seize the Deal-where you can get a $40 Gift Certificate for just $20. The Bingas deal goes off at 8:30am on Wed the 15th.