Wicked Funny

WATCH: Maine Demolition of the Finest Kind
Every morning I look out my kitchen window and see that gawd awful shed with the missing rows of shingles and doors falling off. With spring here giving us the urge to get sh*t cleaned up, I probably oughta get a buddys' truck ovah to pull that sumb*tch down like these fellas up north did.
WATCH: Hillbilly Weatherman F-in’ N’oreaster Edition!
Every weather map we've seen in our Facebook news feeds is warning us that Maine is gonna get it's ass kicked with snow Tuesday into Wednesday. If you're like us, we've been in denial about the possibility of a massive storm the week before Spring officially arrives.
Listen: Wicked Mainah Reads WebMD
I found myself oddly riveted to this fella’s voice reading the description of how to tell the difference between corns (or I should say, “cahns”) and callouses from WebMD.
WATCH: This Maine Ghost Hunters Skit Should Be a TV Show!
Abandoned places in Maine are all the rage right now on the internets. From creepy old hospitals, to empty motels, to defunct ski areas, we can't get enough of these scary Maine locations that would be great settings for a Stephen King movie. These local places are lost in time and are the backdrop …

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