Wicked Funny

Flashback: On the Loose in Northern Maine!
Two years ago this week, a wicked funny Maine video went viral. When you’re driving in rural Maine it’s pretty common to see deer or turkeys on the road...right? Well Jamie Smith got a surprise while cruising around in Bradford, Maine up near Bangor in Febru…
WATCH: Portland Snowman Bong is Genius
We've all had a really tough week in Blimpville with the unbelievable amount of snow that has been dumped on us. Something like 5 storms over the past ten days. Nothing getting all of winter, all at once! Of course some Mainers make the best of it and turn it into play with great traditions like sle…
WATCH: Wicked Funny Maine Wintah Song
These guys are great! They call themselves Flooded Cellar and they hail from beautiful Lovell over there on Route 5 in Oxford County. In the summertime, the locals enjoy Kezar Lake. The rest of the year is spent either preparing for or enduring another Maine winter just like the rest of us.
WATCH: How Much We Gonna Get?
Well it’s about time. We haven’t seen a new video from our favorite (and only) foul-mouthed forecaster since the first of the year!
WATCH: TB12 Tries to Speak German
Patriot's offensive tackle, Sebastian Vollmer (born in Kaarst, Germany) sat down with the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady recently and tried to teach him some German words. The result is pretty freakin' funny. Even with some German ancestry, Tom hilariously struggles with the guttural language.

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