"Death By Misadventure"? -- Well, it was more than an ounce... -- Big debut?

Sly Stone, c 1968. (Central Press/Getty Images)

7/18/1966 (50 years ago today) - Bobby Fuller, leader of The Bobby Fuller Four, was found dead in his car outside of his Los Angeles apartment -- he was only 22 years old. The circumstances were somewhat mysterious: officially, his death was attributed to "gasoline asphyxiation" -- the police labelled it a suicide but the idea of foul play lingered -- was the singer involved somehow with a Mafia-related woman? Kinda weirdly, it was just a few months earlier in the year when Bobby and band hit the Top Ten with "I Fought The Law" (written by Sonny Curtis of Buddy Holly's Crickets, and later famously covered by The Clash); half a century on, this story still gets looked at.

7/18/1972 (44 years ago today) - Members of Sly and the Family Stone were arrested after police discovered two pounds of marijuana in the group's motor home. All natural and organic, too!

7/18/1978 (38 years ago today) - Def Leppard performed their very first live gig at the Westfield School in Sheffield, England -- total attendance: 150 students! Beats doing homework...Check out how young the Leppers were when starting out:

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