Today, a regrettable bathroom break; a long-before-MTV-video is filmed; and a Happy Birthday for a gargantuan ego, but that's alright, whaddya gonna do...

John & Yoko with a copy of her newly-published photography collection at a book signing in London, July 15, 1971. (Central Press/Getty Images)

7/22/1965 (50 years ago today) - Hey, at least they used their zippers: The East Ham Magistrates Court of London declares Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Bill Wyman guilty of "insulting behavior" and fines them around a hundred bucks apiece. Apparently, after the three Rolling Stones were denied use of the bathroom facilities at a roadside service station, the boys decided to urinate against the wall right there! We're assuming they couldn't wash their hands either...

7/22/1971 (44 years ago today) - It took 'em two days to film this. TWO DAYS!: John Lennon and Yoko Ono wrap up video work on their promotional clip for "Imagine" at the couples luxurious home in Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England. Todays filming involves following the two around the grounds as they stroll through the morning mist, and the now-classic footage of John singing "Imagine" in a white room on his white piano. Iconic song, no doubt, but how long could it take to film this stuff, really?

7/22/1947 - Happy Birthday Eagles singer-songwriter-drummer Don Henley, 68 years old today and certainly one of rock's most distinctive and talented vocalists. We heard he knocked up Stevie Nicks once.

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