Thirty years ago I walked into Manassas Ltd record store and picked up 1984 on vinyl for 7.98! Got it home, ripped it off the cellophane, put it on the turntable, dropped the needle, and didn't hear guitar. I wasn't disappointed though. What I heard was a jubilant synthesizer opening played by Eddie. I was an 80's synth geek so that was cool with me. No worries on the guitar though, plenty more showed up after "Jump" played, with "Top Jimmy", "Panama", and "Hot for Teacher"! Then another taste of Eddie's synth with "I'll Wait"!

Happy Anniversary to Van Halen last album with all four original members and what we thought for many years would be the last ever with David Lee Roth.

Watch videos below for "Jump",  "Panama" and "Hot For Teacher"


If you could go back thirty years and tell your '1984-self' something, what would it be?

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