Well here we are in the middle of week number three of WBLM's A to Z. If you are starting to panic about it ending soon, don't freak! There's plenty more to come all weekend long. I just gotta say, it's really been a blast bringing the Archives to you in alphabetical order! We're cranking out thousands of songs, reliving the history of your Rock and Roll Blimp since 1973. One of my favorite things about A to Z is, multiple versions of a song like 'Feeling Alright', 'All Along The Watchtower' and of course, 'Dancing In The Street'. We did the Van Halen version, the Grateful Dead version and of course, the Bowie and Jagger version. You might remember the video and think to yourself, "What the hell were they thinking?". Mick Jagger and David Bowie admirably recorded the single to raise money for Live Aid back in the summer of '85. The video they shot for it is just plain silly. You'd think artists of there caliber would come up with something more impressive. Now, some geniuses have taken out the music and replaced it with grunts, shuffling shoes, and a nice burp from Mick. They have made this video even more ridiculous!