This is Mark's new car. This picture is from my phone. I also have a pic of his license plate. Why? Because I am a knucklehead who can't remember what his new car looks like, or what his license plate number is. This is a problem, because when I drive his car-I lose it. Not my mind, the car. My mind went long ago. I realized Saturday that I needed to take some steps to insure that I could get home after an outing with Mark's car, so I took pictures of it. This is not new to me. Years ago I borrowed my dad's pickup truck and lost it in Portland. I thought someone had stolen it. Nope, I misplaced it. This winter I was working the Townsquare Media Wedding Show, and parked Mark's car in a garage. Lost the car. My friend and co-worker, Sarah, drove me up and down until we found it. I was horrified that she witnessed me losing the car, but I was relieved that she helped me find it. This Saturday Sarah and I were working the beer tables at Street Eats and Beats together. We wrapped up an awesome day with a cold beer and some poutine. We made our way to the vast parking lot, when it hit me. I had no freaking idea where I had parked Mark's car! He was working on my brakes at home so I had taken his. Sarah asked me what make we were looking for. I said, "It's a dark Saab. Could be dark blue or has a moon roof." She did not roll her eyes because we are friends. She walked with me for a while, but our feet hurt so we got in her car, cranked the tunes and continued our search in air conditioned comfort. We finally found it parked right by the gate where we had started our adventure, and it's grayish blue! Sarah laughed when I told her that I was going to keep a picture of Mark's car with me, but she'll be glad I did the next time we work together!

Have you lost your car or someone else's? Please don't be shy! I can't be alone in this! Right?! Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #itsheresomewhere