After a year and a half of the world not being what it should be and with things slowly starting to become "normal" kids and families are more eager than ever to get out and have some fun this summer. Even if they aren't traveling too far.

There is no shortage of fun things for kids to do in Maine during the sweet and short summer months. Head to the coast and hunt for hermit crabs and sea glass. Visit one of Maine's beautiful state parks. Spend a day swimming at a nearby lake. Go camping. Visit your favorite ice cream stand. Or take the day to enjoy one of these incredibly fun adventures. Think you can fit them all in before back to school time?

11 Activities in Maine Your Kids Will Actually Want to Do This Summer

Kids enjoy a lot of things but for summertime fun, it all comes down to 5 groups; amusement/water parks, animals, sports, learning, and the beautiful outdoors. If you're looking for some serious family fun this summer, start checking these off your bucket list.

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