When the summer season is in full swing, so many people flock to a place that has welcomed them for decades in Maine, Old Orchard Beach. For many native Mainers, OOB holds a special place in their hearts and has been a summertime destination for generations. For tourists, the same could be said. Repeat visitors from other New England states as well as Canada return year after year for some of that OOB charm. As it turns out, Old Orchard Beach may not be for everyone. Perhaps they missed the world class fries or the great entertainment day and night. Maybe it just wasn't for them. Bring your sense of humor to the party as we dig into 12 of the most brutal TripAdvisor reviews of Old Orchard Beach made by tourists.

12 Brutal TripAdvisor Reviews of Old Orchard Beach, Maine Left By Tourists

One of Maine's most popular summer destinations is beloved by many but despised by a handful of bitter tourists that didn't enjoy their weekend in the sun.

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