We blinked and October flew by.

I know we say it every month, but the last few weeks really went by in a blur. Yesterday was summer and somehow this very weekend is Halloween.

Halloweentime looks different for everyone; some love boosting their adrenaline with horror films and haunted houses, others like to play it safe with just visiting the supermarket’s candy aisle. Some have kids to bring trick-or-treating and others just want an excuse to dress up in a costume.

I’ll take the candy and the dress-up, you guys can have the scary stuff.

Halloween in Maine

While Halloween isn’t until next Monday, obviously on the 31st, we have a full weekend ahead of spooky events and Halloween-related activities to keep us in the fall mood. While there’s still time to go apple picking and drink your pumpkin-flavored coffees, there are events this weekend that are specific to just Halloween.

You’re not going to want to miss these events because they won’t happen again until next year!

Since we all have different interests and varying levels of spooky-tolerance, this list of Halloween events has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a thrill or need somewhere to entertain the kiddos, there’s at least one thing on this list you’ll want to check out.

From costume-themed dance parties to scenic train rides, these are some of the Halloween events and activities happening this weekend in Maine:

12 Halloween Events Happening in Maine 2022

Celebrate the spooky happenings of Halloween in Maine with these different activities and events for all ages.

25 Scaredy Cat-Approved Halloween Movies

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