Christmas is a time for giving. That means it's time to head to your local pet adoption center and give the gift of a new home to a sweet animal who needs it.

There's not a better time of year to provide an animal those new digs. Plus, your family will love you for it. And, as someone who has rescued pets his whole life, these sweet angels will love you unconditionally, forever.

There just so happens to be a sweet little guy in Central Maine waiting for that forever home. Maybe this holiday season he will get that present.

Meet my man, Stanley.

Stanley is a 12-year-old black shorthair, who has been at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society for four months. This mature guy is just waiting for the perfect family to bring him home.

The Humane Society describes Stanley as a "sweet, old man" that would easily fit right into any family. He is also known for being "chatty," which is always an amazingly hysterical cat trait. Believe me, I have a cat that never shuts up, and it keeps me smiling from ear-to-ear.

Stanley is a special case, because he does need daily medication. As any pet owner knows, this can be tricky business. Animals aren't exactly the best patients. However, the Humane Society does note that Stanley seems to be doing quite well, so don't let that be a deterrent.

If you are interested in meeting or possibly adopting Stanley, you can reach out to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society here. He, along with many other cats and animals, are waiting for the perfect person or family to give them the best present of all this holiday season: a forever home.

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