This weekend was beautiful and my son, mother, and wife were enjoying the day out on my porch. We love enjoying our new home. Making memories to last a lifetime. This weekend, because of the heat, we turned the backyard into a water park. We had the slip n' slide out, we put the sprinkler underneath the trampoline, and the baby pool was filled to the brim! We had super soakers and water balloons to stay cool and have fun all day.

But at one point, our fun stopped when I noticed something behind the trampoline near the tree-line. It was the largest skunk I had ever laid my eyes on you guys. It was humungous. So what did I do first? I told my son to stay behind me and grabbed my camera.

I know I am a risk-taker, you don't have to tell me. But I am also a write and want to be able to deliver really cool content to you and photos of a Fat Pepe La Pew is definitely something you need to see.

So I started to walk behind this chubby skunk. He looked determined. But it was probably just rabies. I still pursued him, keeping a safe distance, as to not get sprayed.

I continued on my journey to get closer to this skunk. I was filming almost the entire time except for hen I thought I lost him. He had hid behind the fence at my neighbors and so I thought he was gone. Before I started walking back to my house, I looked through the neighbor's fence and thought I heard some stirring in the grass.

I was peaking through the holes in the fence and sight before I was going to pull my head back, BOOM there he was. Staring into my face as he walked inches in front of me on the other side of the fence.

I have never been that scared that I would smell bad for life. I took a couple deep breaths and noticed that the air was still clear and normal. I slowly pulled away and tip-toed back to my house.

I will never follow another weird animal to get a picture in my life. Unless it's like a dragon or unicorn.

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