Sure. We all speed once in a while. But 76 miles over the limit is bound to get someone's attention, like the Maine State Police.  

According to the Maine State Police Facebook Page, 18-year-old Tyler Barrows of Manchester, Maine was clocked doing 146MPH in a 70MPH zone on I-95 in Pittsfield. He was spotted by one trooper who radioed ahead to another to be on the look out for the car.

The troopers were about 15 miles apart and at 70MPH it would take the car about 12 minutes to reach the second trooper. The car passed the trooper 3 minutes after he got the call. The trooper said he had never clocked anyone going that fast.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Barrows was arrested and charged for criminal speed, failure to provide proof of insurance and failure to provide proof of inspection. It also looks like he doesn't have a front license plate on that sports car either, so let's tack that on too.

Criminal speeding is a Class E misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Ouch.

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