To whoever is involved in the vandalism of the Maine Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial this week:

You've crossed a line. A line that Mainers will not tolerate.

The memorial you decided to desecrate stands to honor Maine law enforcement officers fallen in the line of duty while serving their state or communities to keep everyone safe. It's a place to visit and read the names on the wall and remember their sacrifices. The wall that you spray painted over out of disrespect.

The ironic thing about that is despite your heinous crime if you were ever in need of assistance from the police, they would still be there to help. That's what they are sworn to do. "To protect and to serve."

I refuse to show the message you vandalized this memorial with because you don't deserve the attention. Whatever issues you have with Maine Law enforcement officers can be handled in ways other than vandalizing a monument in their honor.

You may never see this open letter, but it makes me feel better to put into words what you have done and how it makes me feel. I, like so many others, have the utmost respect and admiration for the men and women who have chosen to put on the uniform and take on the task of keeping us safe and being there when we are in need.

Make no mistake. You will be brought to justice. A $1000 reward is out there for anyone with information that leads to your arrest. We live in a world with cameras everywhere and you will be found.

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