Maine State License Plate

By now, you've probably heard the controversy over the proposed design for a new license plate here in Maine.

We already have a lot of options, from lobsters to lighthouses, to loons and bears, but the state has proposed getting rid of the classic chickadee plate and replacing it with the original Maine state flag from 1901.

It's a simple design with nothing but a tree and a star and while I do appreciate and am attracted to the simplicity, others are racing to social media to declare that they hate it.

New Design for the Maine State License Plate

The rise in controversy over this new state plate has brought a lot of humor to the table, with people sharing what they think the license plate design should be instead of the old flag.

What represents Maine? Is it our rich source of blueberries? Our rocky shores? Perhaps a picture of Mount Katahdin?

We asked our audience what they think the new license plate design should be and funny answers started pouring in. There are many wonderful and beautiful things that represent our state but even more so there are hysterical things that represent the Mainers who live here.

What do Mainers love? What are we known for?

These are 20 things that Mainers joke should be our new license plate design and while they may have been shared as jokes, there are some that I would actually love to have on my car to represent our state.

What's your favorite?

20 Hilarious Things Mainers Joke Should Be Put on the New State License Plate

A new license place has been proposed in Maine and it's sparked some controversy. Here are 20 options Mainers think are better much better ideas for a new Maine license plate design.

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