With all the free time we have from being quarantined these days, it's giving us an opportunity to go through the Blimp Morning Show archives to find some of our best memories and interviews. At the top of that list is our interview with Steve Perry we did back in 2018. This was Steve's first radio interview in YEARS.  So we had a lot to cover. Everything on why he' came out of what he calls "isolation" to the possibility of a Journey reunion. His answer to that was fantastic! He also gave big props to Portland-where he spent some time mastering his album "Traces" with the legendary Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios. It's great to know there's a bit of Portland in Steve's new album!

Here's Steve on Journey, Portland and a potential bubble bath with Celeste. Ha! Many thanks to Steve Perry for giving us one of the greatest moments evah on the WBLM Morning Show


Here's more from our exclusive interview with the legendary Steve Perry:




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