We know that if you are a true Red Sox fan, it's in your blood.

Once you become a Red Sox fan, you will always be a fan (even when we don't make it to the World Series). I grew up going to Fenway Park and watching the Sox, so from that point on I have always made sure to catch a game every year (even if it was during spring training).

Some people say that baseball can be a boring sport. However, I beg to differ. You will see me watching the game on TV, listening to the game on the radio, or even keeping up with the plays and scores on my phone if I am out.

There is something about being a Red Sox fan. Fenway Park is like another home to you. Whether you are there to hang out with friends or family, having a drink, eating a Fenway frank, or yelling at plays, it is always a great day at the park.

Sports is like a faith in Boston, and "Sweet Caroline" is the anthem.

There are many famous individuals that are a fan of the Red Sox, and some of them even have season tickets.

Of course, you have celebrities like the Wahlbergs (Mark and Donnie) who were born and raised in Boston and are huge Red Sox fans, and you can even see them repping Red Sox gear on any normal day.

However, not every celebrity that is a Red Sox fan was born in Boston.

With the start of the season coming up, I thought it would be interesting to see which celebrities are part of the Red Sox Nation.

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