The Maine Forest Service is urging caution this weekend for outdoor fires in our state. Be extremely careful!

There has been an increase in wildfires this year and with the current forecast for warm and dry weather over the fourth of July, there could be more. The recent precipitation was not consistent statewide and some areas received less than ½ inch of rain. Lightning associated with thunderstorms may have also ignited dry timber and slash.

So far in 2016, there have been 464 wildfires throughout Maine that have burned a total of 752 acres. This is roughly 12% more fires and affected acreage than from the entire 2015 fire season. The most common causes of wildfires are escaped debris burns and equipment (machine) caused fires

Wildfire activity this past week:

  • Mount Abrams Township – 43 acres
  • Cathance Township Fire – 30 acres
  • Harpswell – 3 acres
  • Gouldsboro – 2 acres
  • Weld, near Mount Blue – 1 acre

The Maine Forest Service advises people to check with their local fire department before burning their brush piles or having a campfire. Burn permits are required for burning brush and in some municipalities, campfire permits are also required. Have fun but be careful ,this weekend! This is serious business. here's video from a Forest Fire in Northern Maine from 1992.



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