They don't have to be cult films. Nor do they have to be super-bloody and confusing. But they do have an effect on you to the point where having seen it once is likely more than enough. What movie do you never need to see again?


"Philadelphia" (1993) - We lost a real good family friend to AIDS not long before this came out. My oldest daughter and I cried like babies when it was over. A tough one to get through if you knew somebody...

"We Need To Talk About Kevin" (2011) - So you're the parents of a sociopathic teenage mass murderer. How do you cope? This is the most disturbing exercise in compartmentalization that's ever been made...

"Straw Dogs" (1971) - Psychological thrillers tend to be yawnfests unless they hit home hard, which this does over and over. What do you do when they come after you and your family at home? Bleak and unnerving, this one is like a carnival ride that you're on, you know it's out of control and you can't get off and you're going to crash, but when?

"My Dog Skip" (2000) - I tend to get emotional over Miranda Lambert songs, so you can well imagine what the demise of a beloved pet would do to me. Even the trailer makes me profoundly sad, so I can't imagine ever watching this all the way through again, it causes way too much blubbering for a supposed adult.

"The Passion Of The Christ" (2004) - Borderline snuff film or work of genius? Seeing it in a theatre was sure to leave you amazed and disturbed in equal measure. Not for the squeamish of the soul but still a hypnotic experience.

Honorable mentions: "Saving Private Ryan" (1998), well-intentioned but way too heartbreaking for all the right reasons, and "Mother" (2017) because you absolutely will not believe something like this got made!


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