Being from a small, tight-knit corner of the country, we Mainers have to be armed and ready to be peppered with questions whenever we travel to a different part of the country. While many Americans are savvy with our little slice of home (it seems like everyone has an aunt with a cabin up here), some don't know much more than how to point to it on a map. So, in honor of the barrage of questions we've all been through I've listed some less intelligible ones I've encountered below, in descending order of facepalm-worthiness:

How much do you go to Canada?
We get asked this a lot, but in fairness, we do enjoy a little jaunt up to Quebec every now and again. Not every weekend, unless you're up in the county, but I'd imagine most Mainers cross the border once in a while.

Do you eat a lot of lobster?
Of all of our Maine stereotypes out there, this one seems to be the most ubiquitous. Yes, we eat lobster, but not all the time. For us, it's not as special as it is for tourists that come here specifically to try it. This one is often fodder for a good retort: do people in the Midwest eat corn all the time?

Do you have summer up there?
Now come the questions where the eye rolls can no longer be helped. Yes, of course we have summer. In fact, summers up here are the best. Don't believe me? Try going hiking and water skiing on the same day in Florida and then get back to me.

So no one lives up there, right?
Ugh. Seriously? We aren't even in the bottom 5 population wise! We have more than twice the population of Wyoming, if you could believe it. And yes, we have busy cities and suburbs, too. It's not all log cabins and Paul Bunyan lookalikes, you know.

Believe it or not, I've actually encountered this one several times. Most recently, with a cabby in New York, who had "never heard of it in his life." Apparently some people just plain don't know that we exist. I don't know whether thats a reflection on them, or our education system, but either way... Yikes.

What dumb questions have you been asked about Maine? Let us know in the comments!

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