Everyone in Maine is wicked excited about Wednesday's weather forecast. We will hit 80 degress in Portland for the first time since September 27th.

it's going to feel like summer, so the Captain and Celeste form the WBLM Morning Show says we should ACT like it's summer, dammit. We encourage every Blimpster out there to wear a bathing suit under their work clothes. We guarantee you'll FEEL awesome, even if you're not qiote ready to shed your clothes and show that pasty white Maine winter bod of yours. Who cares! Let it fly. And Celeste and the Captain MAYYYYY or MAYYYYY NOT be out in Blimpville tomorrow doing secret surprise inspections to make sure you are wearing your bathing suit. You can be sure our two Blimp Morning Show hosts will be wearing their suits....they may even do the morning show off the WBLM Patio at One City Center! Award-winning radio, indeed.

Herb Ivy
Herb Ivy


Here's the Captain and Celeste's devious plan for tomorrow. Wear your bathing suit under your clothes! Plus, if you DO sneak out and head to the beach, you'll be ready to rock!



Not to scare you, but......

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