Everyone has a time in their life when they are learning to drive. Some individuals may wait until they are older to get their drivers (learning) permit, especially if public transportation is available.

When learning to drive, you usually go with someone else to practice in an empty parking lot or on the roads (at least that is where I learned). No matter the age, if you are learning to drive, drivers education is available for you to take to aid the process.

According to Melrose Police Department, one 53-year-old woman in Melrose, MA, decided to take a drive with her learning permit through a cemetery.

Now I don't know about any cemetery you go to, but whenever I drive through one I always end up lost, the roads in them are so confusing.

I'm sure you guessed it, her drive through the cemetery did not end well.

Boston’s New Channel 5 (WCBV) states that the woman ended up losing control of the car and ultimately crashed into 8 headstones. 

According to Melrose Police Department, the woman was taking a driving lesson with a licensed driver, a relative of the woman, at Wyoming Cemetery on Sylvan Street. They responded to the crash on Saturday, April 16th around 2:30 pm, where they found the woman and the passenger that were driving an older model Range Rover. 

WCBV states that many of the headstones sustained damage, however, members of the Melrose Department of Public Works were able to successfully get all the headstones back in their proper place. 

Luckily, both the driver and passenger were unharmed according to WCBV. 

Melrose Police Department claims that they are going to further investigate how the car lost control and crashed. 

Learning to drive is not the easiest thing. I remember asking my father “which one is the break again,” when we first got in the car. Let’s just say that I was not allowed to practice driving that day. 

As I stated before, cemeteries can be very confusing to drive in (I get lost in them all the time). Therefore, they may not be the best place to practice driving and you may want to stick with empty parking lots and nonbusy streets. 

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