My recent fear of driving began in December 2022 at age 39, when my Jeep was totaled in accident at a notoriously dangerous accident right in my hometown. Ever since, whenever I see a car pulling up to a stop sign to my right, I flinch – afraid they’re gonna roll through and this time, I won’t be so lucky.

A week later, when I was back on the road in a loaner, I closely witnessed two spinouts and a full-on rollover in the same 45-minute span on I-95. So, as it seems I’m involved in a real-life Final Destination movie, I grew curious about the most dangerous time(s) to drive here in the Granite State.

According to a study by, the most dangerous time of day to drive in New Hampshire is between 2 and 3 p.m. And wouldn’t you know, my accident occurred right there at 2:30. This is not a common time for fatal accidents nationwide, but from my own experience and possibly yours, the low-setting sun in the winter and wooded shadows in the summer likely come into play.

The most common weekday to have an accident in New Hampshire? Wednesday. As in, Wednesday December 7, the date of my accident. Again, not a nationally dangerous day for driving. Is it possible we’re not drinking enough Dunkin' to get us through the sleepiest day of the work week?

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) were the most dangerous days to be on the road across the nation, with the most reported vehicular fatalities. The good news? New Hampshire was listed as having the sixth-safest drivers in the U.S.

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