For consistent concertgoers in Maine, the State Theatre in Portland holds a special place in their hearts. The reasons why can vary, whether it be a magical memory of a show 20 years ago, or taking in an unforgettable concert just last week. Those memories are exactly what make concerts worth going to, and why the State Theatre has been a destination venue for years. Even after all the years of success and memories, the State Theatre isn't done enhancing the concert experience quite yet, as the venue announced a major upgrade on Wednesday afternoon.

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Shared on Facebook by State Theatre Portland, Maine, the nearly century-old venue now has air conditioning. If you've ever attended a show at the State Theatre, you know that it doesn't take much for it to get a little hot and sticky in the main concert hall. On blisteringly hot summer days, a show indoors at the State Theatre can feel like it's taking place on the surface of the sun. While most people have kept their complaints to themselves, the vocal minority made their position clear, asking "can you please turn up the air conditioning?"

As it turns out, the State Theatre couldn't, because it didn't exist until now. The upgrade should pay dividends throughout a loaded summer concert season at the popular venue. If you're worried that the air conditioning will take away from the hot and sweaty experience, it likely won't. Typically, air conditioning in venues the size of the State Theatre see the benefits in relieving humidity and heat exhaustion during shows. If it was 100 degrees inside last year, it'll probably be 95 with no humidity this year. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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