Nothing says it's Christmastime in Maine more than this wicked cute commercial starring kittens. Bangor Savings Bank aired this adorable classic TV spot for years and years on stations all across the state.

The tiny devils are causing chaos around the tree. After all, if there's a breakable object shimmering in the light, cats will be sure to attack. But. it's ok in this case.


Everything starts fairly innocently as they playfully swat at ornaments with their petite paws. Then things get a bit crazier as the little killers go after the beautifully wrapped gifts. Oh, jeez.

And that milk left next to the cookies for Santa? Forget about it. Once that gets knocked over and spills into the plate, it's slurpin' time.

All is forgiven with a wicked sweet high-pitched mew to close this classic 1980 Maine TV memory. Can't get mad at that, nosuh.

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