My 7 year old has her first real dance school recital coming up in May. We are so excited! First things first though, picture day.

This is her $60.00 costume. It's pretty cute, but the tutu is crushed and wrinkled and it may be beyond my skill set to get it looking ballerina-ready.

The underskirt is satin, let me try to iron out some of those wrinkles...

Oooh, satin melts?! Good thing I started in the back, maybe it won't show. Looks like I ruined the iron though.

As you may have surmised from this picture, ironing is not really my jam. Mark, however, has to iron his shirts for work. He's going to have unicorn shirts thanks to my ineptitude. I jogged over to Google and discovered the information that I needed.

Here's how to get wrinkles out of tulle:

Put the tutu into your dryer with a fabric softener sheet to cut down on static and a damp face cloth to create steam. Badaboom, pretty tutu!

We were supposed to order Light Suntan tights for the costume, but I forgot which brand. The colors vary so much that I bought 3 different brands, hoping that one was the right shade.

I spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS on Light Suntan tights! Some families buy multiple costumes, and I had a difficult time handling just the one. I am not cut out for this Dance Mom thing. I had to have my friend M.J., (fellow Dance Mom and school teacher), double check my picture order forms because they were confusing.

But there was a pay off, my beautiful dancer was finally ready!

Are you a Dance Mom with advice to share? I can't imagine what the recital will be like. Share your wisdom on our Fan Page. Please...