Who knew that eggshells clogged up drains? Not me! Even my garbage disposal couldn't prevent them from stopping up the works and making me lay down some cash to have a plumber get things moving again. Is there anything more miserable than spending your hard earned sushi budget on something preventable?

This is the list of stuff my plumber told me not to put down my drain, even with a garbage disposal. Pay attention because number two shocked me as well.

  1. Egg shells, we've discussed this.
  2. Pasta! What?! Yes, soggy leftover spaghetti doesn't just dissolve like I imagined.
  3. Any kind of fat like cooking oil, butter or shortening. Even if that bacon grease is all melty and liquidy, resist! It will harden up in your pipes and clog them up. Garbage disposals don't change this.
  4. Coffee grinds seem small and manageable but they will wreck your world if you dump them in the sink.
  5. No banana peels, potato skins or anything else that has a lot of starch or fiber in it.

I was also told to flush the sink with boiling water now and then to keep things moving and to run plenty of hot water when I'm using my garbage disposal to get rid of appropriate waste. Also, keep an eye on those pesky produce stickers!

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