Outlasting 9 other competitors on the History Channel survival show, Zackary Fowler brings back 500k to his family in Maine.

For a moment, imagine this scenario. You pack your bags, say goodbye to your family and then board a plane to fly to an entirely different continent in an attempt to survive in the woods of a foreign land for as long as possible just for....money. That's exactly what Zackary Fowler of Appleton, Maine did and he's a lot wealthier because of it.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Fowler outlasted the rest of his competition at the 87 day mark. While Fowler was spoiled with riches, that 87 day journey took a significant toll on his body. The 37-year-old lost 70 pounds during his nearly 3 month long effort in the Patagonia area of South America. What may have been worse than the weight loss was the secludedness. Fowler had no contact with anyone else, including his family during the entire stretch. He only saw medical personnel every 10 days to ensure he was still healthy enough to compete. Amazing.

The finale of the show "Alone" aired last night on History Channel with periodic replays of show occurring throughout the month of February. The entire series can be found on-demand for those that are interested. As for Fowler, there may be a few steak dinners in his future as he looks to get back to the weight he started the show at, 223lbs. Congrats Zackary!

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