Hey if they do it in Canada, so should we...right? After all, we're a winter wonderland this time of year just like the country that borders us in Northern Maine.

I've never been to Carnaval De Quebec. I do however know friends who have and they love it.

Well now we can enjoy a cold weather festival influenced by to that one right here in Southern Maine called Carnaval ME to benefit Winter Kids.

There are plenty of outdoor events during spring, summer, and fall to celebrate around here.

Wintertime is usually quite a bit quieter especially during the January after the holidays let down. Later this month, there's an awesome looking reason to bundle up and party.

According to the Carnaval ME Facebook page, this three-day icy extravaganza takes place on the Eastern Prom in Portland  January 30 through February 1.

It's starts on Thursday night with a Maine Bicentennial Snow Ball to honor our great state's 200th birthday this year.

There's revelry for adults-only featuring tasty Maine craft brews in an igloo, as well as fun for the whole family with live ice sculptors, illumination displays, and more.


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