It may be time to dabble in the occult at another lame Halloween party. Along with the possibility of a seance to contact Elvis, Kurt Cobain or Judy Garland, someone may drag out the spookiest of Halloween games,(oohOOoooohOOOOooh-spooky music...) The Ouija Board!!! Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl! It takes me back to eighth grade and experimenting with it in my Mom's basement, where the "spirit" assured me that our house was in fact haunted! Why did I ask?! I didn't sleep for two years after that. Everyone present SWORE they didn't move the little thingy. But not everyone is so trustworthy. Here is a letter written by a person who moved the Ouija thingy. Here is the written confession of a Ouija Board cheater!

Don't land at some lame house party playing with a Ouija Board, join us for "Portland's Spirit of Halloween" on October 31. Put on your sluttiest costume and enjoy adult beverages, great music and other sexy monsters getting down. Then getting up again.

Have you ever scared your friends real good through your powers of mis-direction and illusion-or flat out lying? Share that story on our fan Page or tweet us #ididntmoveit

Trying to decide between slutty pirate, slutty vampire or slutty mechanic,


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