With a daily news cycle that often includes more stress-inducing details, we could all use a really good laugh. So with that in mind, a big tip of the cap to the Lebanon Fire Department in Maine for posting a sign outside their firehouse that is both hilarious and a great little social distancing test that you can use at home.

Reddit via jimmyb207
Reddit via jimmyb207

Shared on Reddit by jimmyb207, that's just the kind of sign that you drive past and say "never really thought of that but they're damn right". For the record, there's no scientific data that supports the theory that if you can smell someone's fart, you're not far enough apart. But sometimes we don't need science to know that if you catch a smell, better run like hell.

So while kids are out of school, lots of people are working from home and we're all under one stressed-filled roof wondering when this will all be over and life will go back to normal, there's another simple thing to keep in the back of your mind. In the age of social distancing, they who smelt it, dealt it. And if you didn't deal it, then you're just too damn close to whomever did. It's the little things.


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