There's lots of creative and exciting food items for anyone to try in Portland. One of the things you're unlikely to find right now? Hawaiian shave ice. But according to the Portland Press Herald, that is about to change as a pair of locals are set to launch a food cart that will serve the uniquely delicious treat.

The food cart will be called Haole Ice, and the hope is the food cart will be ready to go by spring. But before you let your mind wander off believing that someone is opening a food cart to serve snow cones, Hawaiian Shave Ice is definitely different.

Hawaiian shave ice starts with a base of ice cream. anything from vanilla to something more exotic. From there, shaved ice is placed over the ice cream which differs from a traditional snow cone that uses crushed ice. After the shaved ice is placed, flavored syrups cover the ice to sweeten the treat. In Hawaii, flavors like pineapple, coconut and kiwi are common. Some versions of Hawaiian shave ice pour some sweetened condensed milk over the top as a "snow cap".

The owners of Haole Ice plan to deliver some of their favorite Hawaiian-style flavors but also incorporate some flavors that a Maine resident may be accustomed to. You could go from pineapple-mango to blueberry-maple.

Haole Ice plans to do some pop-ups in the coming weeks to grow excitement for their new product.

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