So we've all heard of the Big Easy, now Portland can get a taste of the Little Easy. According to Portland Food Map, Little Easy Snoballs is the latest food truck to join Maine's impressive fleet, offering up something quite unique to the area.


When you see snoballs in New England, you're immediate thought is probably those pink, coconut covered pastries from Hostess. Little Easy Snoballs are much, much different. It's a Louisiana-style take on a snow cone, with finely shaved ice topped with the cane sugar syrup of your choice. Owner Lauren Gauthier promises that people who try Little Easy Snoballs will be able to tell the difference from a traditional snow cone.

It may be just from the incredible variety of flavor combinations and customizations you can create. The food truck will offer up more then 30 different flavors, including some intriguing ones like dreamsicle, wedding cake or the mysterious tiger's blood (a combo of watermelon, strawberry and coconut). You don't have to stop at just your flavor though, you can also have your snoball stuffed with ice cream or better yet, topped with Marshmallow Fluff. Every New Englander has got to love that customization. Little Easy Snoballs even has a special menu item for your furry dog companion as well.

Right now, you can find Little Easy Snoballs operating their colorful food truck at Back Cove during weekdays and along the Eastern Prom trail during the weekend.

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