If you love sports bars and golf then we have big news for you. X-Golf Portland is coming to Portland in early 2022. X-Golf is a golf-themed sports bar and restaurant that will be downtown Portland at 101 York Street.

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Portland City Councilors approved the license for X-Golf on Monday night. The restaurant will also have a golf retail shop as well as…wait for it….six virtual golf simulators so you can swing ‘em 12 months of the year!

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This new concept coming to Portland is the brainchild of Joseph and Peter Atwood. The license application states that X-Golf will  “provide an upscale, family-friendly, sports bar/restaurant for the people of Greater Portland to come and enjoy a meal, watch a televised sporting event, or play a round of virtual golf.” This place sounds like it will be a great place to watch all kinds of sports! And with more and more people moving into new condos at Hobson's Wharf and 25 High Street, X-Golf is sure to be a big hit in the neighborhood. FORE!

And of course, the sports bar and restaurant will have yummy pub food.  Golf…Sports….Food….Beverages. Sounds like heaven to us!

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