Over the last handful of years or so, New England has seen an invasion (in the best of ways) of restaurant chains in the Midwest or West Coast starting to migrate over to the Northeast, mostly to everyone's delight.

Over the last few years, we've seen a Chick-fil-A open at Rock Row in Westbrook, Maine, and there are even rumors of Boston not being too far off from having an In-N-Out location pop up.

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Raising Cane's Chicken

When I lived out in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a couple of years not too long ago, I ended up living right up the street from places I'd heard of before but never tried because they've never had New England locations (or at least ones near me) -- Whataburger, Jack in the Box, Raising Cane's, and more.

And while no Whataburger or Jack in the Box exists in New England, we're slowly starting to see Raising Cane's break ground around here, mainly in Southern New England, though.

Tee Barr via Facebook
Tee Barr via Facebook

Raising Cane's Open in Massachusetts

Up until earlier this morning, there were only three Raising Cane's locations remotely in the area -- two in Boston and one in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

However, luckily for New Englanders who don't want to make the trek toward Western Massachusetts or fight the traffic and insanely busy and confusing roads of Boston, there is a closer location in the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts along the Massachusetts/New Hampshire State Line.

Chiqui Alvarez Schmidt via Facebook
Chiqui Alvarez Schmidt via Facebook

Raising Cane's at The Loop in Methuen, Massachusetts

In the popular foodie Facebook group, Merrimack Valley Eats, multiple members have been sharing pictures of the Grand Opening of the newest Raising Cane's location at The Loop in Methuen, Massachusetts.

In fact, the two pictures you've seen of the line outside of Cane's at The Loop were taken about an hour apart -- hours before Cane's even opened -- which shows how insane Massachusetts residents, Granite Staters, and possibly some Mainers are going over the new location. Possibly no more dedicated than Tad K Hazavartian and one unknown resident.

 I have been here since 4:40am. The person first in line got here at 10pm last night. It's a great product. I can't get enough of it; I just had it two days ago in Marlborough.

Raising Cane's at The Loop opened this morning at 10a. And now, we wait for a location to pop up in New Hampshire and/or Maine.

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